Vaginal irritation due to bandages and how to avoid it

As with facial skin and other bodies, the skin around the sex organs also needs proper attention and care. This aims to keep the skin healthy, so as to avoid the risk of irritation that can cause discomfort and lose confidence. Female area is one part of the body that is susceptible to irritation. Although generally harmless, vaginal irritation cannot be considered trivial. Because without proper care of the female area, this condition may recur, even causing more serious problems. Women's Areas Vulnerable to Irritation There is a layer in the outer portion of the skin known as the horn layer. Female area has a fairly thin layer of horn when compared to other skin areas. In addition, his condition is also easily affected by various things, both physical and hormonal factors. This results in the area of ​​the female being more easily irritated. During menstruation, the female area will be more moist and sensitive than usual. Therefore, women who are menstruating are more at r
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